InventHelp Takes Part In Neighborhood Outreach Programs For Upw

  • InventHelp, noted for "helping innovators since 1984" continues to offer aid to the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Komen Race for the Cure, Hurricane Katrina Relief and other charitable organizations.

    From Toys for Tots to hosting blood drives, InventHelp and also their workers are getting in touch with the community. Judy Kinlough, a Communications Production Coordinator, places cases in the office to inspire other personnel to give food items or paper products during the company's once-a-year food drive which benefits the Salvation Army. A spokesperson for the charity, lauded her for being "one of those extraordinary folks who cares so much for others." Kinlough has also been recognized as being a former "Woman of the Year in Business" by Womansplace, a non-profit agency which battles domestic abuse, for her "exceptional work and commitment to both their professions and their communities".

    Last year, Toys for Children, a charity in which InventHelp has backed for over ten years, received in excess of a hundred twenty five toys and games for children inside the Pittsburgh region from their workforce. When it comes to giving blood, InventHelp is reaching new records because 20 % of the company's One hundred and fifty personnel decided to take part.

    Cancer of the breast hasn't been overcome, that's why The Komen Race for the Cure is a vital occasion to lift awareness and funds to battle this deadly illness. "It was really rewarding to take part in a function where countless people were being united under a common cause," said InventHelp employee Liv Dobo, who finished the 5K run with a personal best time. "Joining together on the lookout for a remedy is actually our means of expressing aid for those who have recently been afflicted with breast cancer, and the Race is a fantastic possibility to instruct individuals with regards to the illness."

    Although InventHelp is located in Pittsburgh, the company takes care of "our southern neighbors" in Louisiana together with other areas that were plagued by Hurricane Katrina recently. That's the key reason why $10,680 was raised and divided equally between the American Red Cross and also the Salvation Army. In a subsequent program, the company offered to donate $25 for each brand new customer within the month of September, which raised an extra $20,475 "to help our fellow Americans" according to the

    While many young people are busy with Grand Theft Auto, Broderick Alexander, a 16-year-old ambitious designer who is afflicted with sickle cell anemia, had a wish. Once the Little Rock chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® contacted InventHelp, Broderick along with his mother ended up being flown to Pittsburgh pertaining to a four-day visit, in which they received an all-access pass to INPEX-The Invention Show. Trade Show Manager Nicole Lininger presented Broderick with a "Future Inventor" accolade, along with a distinctive present from IMET Corporation - an operational model of one of the young inventor's concepts! IMET co-founder as well as CTO Thomas Krol was good enough to have his people make the particular model totally free, and Lininger arranged for an all-expenses paid vacation - together with an exhibit presentation area - for Broderick to show off his creation at a future INPEX show!

    Additionally, InventHelp referred Broderick to an independent patent legal representative to aid put together and also file a U.S. patent application pertaining to the invention, and also the legal professional graciously volunteered to renounce his typical charges.

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